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Class 3 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business


1. Unified Theory of Literature



Unified Theory of Literature








Sir Philip Sidney, The Defense of Poesy

Percy Shelley, A Defense of Poetry


Rhetorial structure of Sidney's Defense:

  • Exordium, entrance catching the audience's attention
  • Narratio, sets forth the facts
  • Explicatio, defines terms and opens issues
  • Partitio, clarifies the points at issue, states what is to be proved
  • Confirmatio, sets forth the arguments for and against
  • Refutatio, refutes opponents' arguments
  • Digressio, digression
  • Peroratio, sums up and stirs audience




2. The "Big Bang" of Literary Theory

      (19th thru mid 20th Centuries)


 Big Bang of Literary Theory, 19th Centuryh


 Big Bang of Literary Theory, Early to Mid 20th Century


3. Modern Literary Theory (A Map)


 Rough Map of Modern Literary Theory



4. The New Criticism




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